The DIXIEDELICS Jazz Band is a relative newcomer to the traditional jazz scene, but in reality its roots were planted decades ago.  In the early 1980’s, Fullerton College pioneered, as part of their excellent jazz studies program, a traditional jazz course that featured the LEMON STREET STOMPERS.  Venerable music educator and musician Richard Cruz developed the program and under his guidance the Stompers achieved consistent recognition as one of the best college “trad” bands in the country. More importantly, the band members were imbued with a deep, and lasting appreciation of early jazz.  This is where the DIXIEDELICS began.


Today, the players are seasoned musicians who perform many styles of music in various ensembles, but most enjoyably come together as the “DELICS” regularly throughout the Southern California area.  


The DIXIEDELICS’ constantly expanding repertoire is grounded in the classics of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Bix Beiderbecke, Kid Ory and other early greats, but also occasionally veers out to include anything from the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and even the Grateful Dead.


Since 2007, the DIXIEDELICS have been regularly featured at Steamers Jazz Club (until it closed) and Bourbon Street Restaurant, both popular establishments in downtown Fullerton, California, offering fine food and live music.


Our mission is to share this timeless style of music with listeners of today.


The DELICS have released their first CD – “Live At Steamers” - and will record again soon.